hair transplant los angeles

Bald is bad in LA

Think of the leading man in movies. He is handsome with a jawline that could cut glass. Big expressive eyes you could lose yourself in and a perfect head of hair that looks good wet or dry. This is the very definition of a man and it’s the type of man that gets the big role in the big movie. He is the guy getting the Oscar and giving the big speech thanking the academy for honoring him. You want to be that guy. You got the look down cold except for one big problem, your hair is thinning or in an even worse case scenario doesn’t even exist. Baldness is death in this town. You want a career in Hollywood you better have an amazing scalp or you better have that hair. If you are not Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson I would suggest you not try to go the bald route. That isn’t likely to pan out for you because let’s be honest there is only room for one bald hunk in this town and you are not going to win this fight against The Rock.

So you need to find a good hair doctor. I know you might have heard stories about how wig technology has improved but don’t believe them. Big Hairpiece has their agents out there trying to flood the market with pro wig propaganda but they are not to be trusted. Wigs are awful and bad and you should distrust anyone who tells you otherwise. Folks who tell you they got the secret solution to your baldness in the form of sprays or gels are also not to be thought of kindly. These people want to poison your scalp with horrible chemical agents that will do lord knows what to your skin. That stuff is kind of gross and I wouldn’t want it anywhere near me.

hair transplant los angeles

Hair transplant Los Angeles might not be the name of a business or hospital but it should be. You need hair care and you need it now. Finding a good doctor who can perform effective and minimally invasive surgery to get you a new head of hair is exactly the sort of professional help you need to get. These doctors can do amazing work and you just need to find them and get yourself an appointment with them. Learn the different treatments and processes. Will you be donating your own hair or having hair grafted into your body from another person. Will the surgery involve staying in a hospital or can you go home right after? What sort of care will you require after the surgery until your scalp is fully healed?

So find a doctor who can walk you through the whole process. It will be pretty simple once you get a good idea of what to expect and how things will be done. Having the peace of mind that you will get the surgery done right and end up with an amazing head of hair can make anyone feel a lot better about their lot in Life.