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You woke up in a hotel room with a giant pile of money. There is nobody else around and you have no idea how you got it, but it’s yours that much is for sure. It’s time to beat a quick retreat out of the hotel and start counting up that giant pile of loot and checking your text messages to see if anyone knows exactly what happens and how you got so rich overnight. You do vaguely recall playing some blackjack, maybe you went on a heater the likes of which people dream of. Or maybe you went to roulette and put it all one some number and it came in. Whatever the case may be you got a ton of money and you really want to get out of your current apartment. You owe a lot of folks a lot of money and a score like this won’t stay quiet for long. You need to get moving and find a new place to stay so you can work out a plan to figure out exactly how you’re going to handle all your payouts while keeping some of this cash for yourself to be able to have a bank roll to work with. You’ve seen the way some of these idiots play hold ‘em and now that you finally have a bankroll it’s time to start dominating and really get yourself some serious sustained income.

So you’re going to want to look for moving services Las Vegas and figure out exactly who you want to handle this move.

moving services las vegas

Folks who understand that a few extra dollars buys silence. This is a town where you don’t give last names unless you have too because you have no idea who is listening. This is a town where even the walls got ears and I wouldn’t trust anyone who buys one of those devices that helps you out with your home. Alexa please let the NSA know who I am talking to at all times in my house. No thank you sir, no thank you at all. That stuff is scary, it’s literally a wiretap you’re inviting into your house. That seems crazy to me, the whole world has gone crazy, since when did we surrender our privacy so quickly and so cheaply? It’s not a good look, it’s awful, we should be ashamed, the founding fathers are rolling over in their graves.

Find some movers you can trust, and I mean really trust and move yourself into a new place real quick. Tell nobody nothing and deny everything. Make meetings in public places and make the payments in small bills that you’re sure are unmarked. You have to be double sure about everything in this town. You never know when things can go wrong and next thing you know you’re having to cut a deal or you’re looking at ten to twenty five at a Supermax. Las Vegas is serious business and you don’t mess around unless you want to end up in some serious hurt.