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Brand ambassadors have an important role to play in the promotion of any company, and can turn product launches into a huge success. Brand ambassadors will work with people on product launches, engage with people at trade shows, and promote products and brands online via social media or through blogs.

Finding high quality brand ambassadors is not easy – your brand ambassadors are seen as being the face of the company as far as members of the public are concerned. Most people won’t know who the CEO is, especially if you’re not the sort of person to get out there blogging or on social media. They may not even have heard about your company until they attended the trade event – so the brand ambassador that greets them as they walk past the booth, or the posts that crop up on social media when they’re following the show hashtag, could be the first interaction that they will have with your brand. It makes sense to hire someone trustworthy, and that you know will take good care of your brand image.

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Agencies such as TSM have many years of experience working with models and brand ambassadors. They know what it takes to do the job well, and they are experts at linking companies with models that will do a good job of representing a brand and communicating its ethos. Some companies like to appear youthful, some like to seem luxurious. A brand may want to project a slightly mischievous image, or may want to seem like a more ‘earthy’ and caring or wholesome company. It’s important to find ambassadors that can naturally represent that image, so that it appears authentic.

You can view them here, so if you want to get an idea of the kind of people that we have on our books, why not take a look. If you like what you see, then call us to set up a consultation, and we will do everything we can to match you with the right kind of people.

Professionalism and consistency matters when it comes to working with a brand and projecting a positive public image. It helps if you can get a group of brand ambassadors that understand your brand’s values, that have a consistent look and a consistent way of engaging with people, and that are outgoing and personable. Our team should be able to represent almost any group.

So, take a moment to view TSM brand ambassadors here, and get to know what they have to offer. They will work with you to get to know your brand, and to ensure that you get the best possible representation across all channels. We will want to get to know you, so that you can get a representative, or a team, that suits you perfectly. It is important for us that our models are happy, and that you are happy too – we want every pairing to be a good match.