Long Fur Gilets… The Next Big Thing?

Long Fur Gilets… The Next Big Thing?

Imported gilets are pricey, but that’s expected when it’s the real thing; then you know it’s worth owning. Real and genuine long fur can run in the thousands. It’s worth the price. If you can get the one you want at an affordable rate online, check the return policy to exchange it if it’s not what you expected. There are dozens of styles available. In fact, not all departments stores will get every single type of style, but, if you order at your local mall or outlet, you’ll only be paying the store to order it for you. The shipping and handling fees are not free. However, when you go directly online, you get free shipping with most online boutiques and stores. Unless you like the styles your local department stores have, all’s well. And if it’s the perfect one gilet that fits and you’re okay with it, then go on and buy it. There’s plenty of styles to choose from. (Who says you must have only one.) There are dozens and dozens of styles, colours, and makes and with various materials. Every woman should consider owning one this season if they haven’t yet.

Gilets, the trendy coat

Most inventory rooms carry limited amounts. Normally inventory rooms are full, but with 4 or 5 styles to choose from in some stores, that’s a good count. If you’re lucky enough, those department stores may have dozens ready to sell this holiday season. Unless there’s a particular one you want, buy it. Kardashians seem to have made them more sensual and stylish to wear again. Popular in the UK and Russia, you’ll see them being worn in Ireland and Canada, and naturally, in two of the coldest continents in the world, the Arctic and Antarctica. Those cold temperatures setting in these parts of the continent, gilets will be found. Feeling warm and looking good simultaneously couldn’t be so easy with one on.

How to wear a gilet

Don some thigh high boots with your long fur gilets this season. Not because their fashionable but because of the ease you have wearing it. Sleeveless and functional and without feeling too stuffed under all the real fur or faux this winter. There’s days when the sun brings cold weather still. Wearing a full long fur coat or trench coat is warm but a gilet is fashionably better in this type. It’s great evening wear, especially for holiday events, or weather, these gilets are ideal ll be fashionably good to go like some Hollywood divas who are fearless in their fashion, yet real fur or faux (you know your budget) they worth to have one. Comparably to owning that little black dress, or a black dress period when owning one a stylish gilet.


– Genuine fur

– Section Mink Fur

– Genuine lamb

– Faux

– Polyester

– Genuine Rabbit

– Genuine Raccoon


There’s plenty of styles These fashionable vests are great with any colour of jeans, as long as you are wearing a neutral coloured gilet. Naturally they look great with short skirts, dressy shorts, and long or short dresses, preferably tight. Most fashion divas wear shorts or skin-tight jeans with these furry coats. It’s as if they are made to wear this way. Especially with long leather boots; these are normally worn with gilets. You can get away with fashionable flats though. Besides if you’re wearing the gilet because it really is cold, it’s your chest and your torso that needs more warmth. The better to not get ill during the cold winter weather.

Here are the basic styles to look out for today when shopping for fashionable gilets.

– Lining (silk / satin / polyester)

– Hood (detachable)

– Button-up / Button-up with zipper

– Pockets / Pockets concealed inside

– Hook and Eye fasteners

– Dyed Coloured

– Tuxedo or Pelt Collar / Collar-less

– Silk soft liners

– Rib-color trim

How do you know it’s real fur?

Consumers want the real thing. Whether its gold, leather, fur, as long as it’s genuine, it must be quality made. Consumers buy quality. Plus, you can buy affordable any day. Consumers are aware between the two, cheap and expensive. Affordable is okay, but the real genuine product is what’s expected. For instance, buying rabbit fur is so soft, is short in length (less than 1 in.) and it’s lightweight. It has various colours. What’s offered in colour are the following: extremely white, very black, beige or brown, and a shady looking grey. Rabbit is both economical, and soft. when you buy the real thing. A foe gilet comparably is still warm, but not as warm as a real rabbit fur. You’ll be able to tell the difference when wearing it.

Finally, the purpose is really for the upper part of your body anyway. The “torso or chest” needs protection. During the cold windy temperatures around the world, without wearing too much clothing, wearing one of these is fashionable. They’re simply stylish and fashionably worth it, breathable and warm to wrap yourself in this winter.