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Do You Plan To Buy A Tiny Home Soon?

Have you ever thought about buying a tiny home? Many people who never thought that they would buy such a property are now suddenly scooping them up. You see, tiny houses are extremely popular these days. They were around before the recession, but once the economy took a hit several years ago, they were trending big time and still are. People have different ideas of what these homes are, so some are tinier than others.

Just about a month ago, I saw a tweet from someone who showed their son in high school had built a tiny house. Guess how big it was when it was done. It was only 150 square feet. It literally looked like an outhouse from the 19th century, but it was in fact a version of a tiny house that had everything it needed. That’s a little on the small side, but hey, you get the idea.

While 150 square feet may be a little extreme, these homes are quite small, cute and efficient. I live in a condo that is only 450 square feet. That is about half the size of smaller homes. There are tiny houses that are much smaller than that, and it just depends on what you’re looking for. What’s really cool, too, is that some of the tiny homes are more than one story. Naturally, that makes you think more space, but then you remember, you’re going to see a small and cute version of a two story home.

tiny home

While many of these homes are cheaper, some simply trade in space for luxuries. For example, you can still spend $100k+ on a tiny house, depending on what you choose to do for the build. However, you can certainly plan to spend much less than that, too. You can also work on financing a tiny home if you like. Plus, even if you were to spend the $100k, that’s what you pay for a cheaper home without the luxuries these days. For a tiny house, $100k makes your space very luxurious.

How much do you want to spend? Do you already have the land? Have you looked into your financing options? Maybe you need a little time to get things squared away, and you’re just dabbling in the market at the moment wondering whether a tiny house is the right move or not. It very well could be the best move for you to make, but you are going to have to decide that. It certainly does sound like a very neat opportunity.

You would want to get in touch with builders, too. If you have yet to discover financing options, you might want to know that builders can actually often help you in that area. They even offer the financing on some occasions or at least get the ball rolling. If you were to build a tiny house, you would have much more money to really get specific on all the little details concerning the luxuries of your home and how you want things to look.